Our Sponsors

We’re very proud of our partners and sponsors – so proud in fact, that we’re keen to share as much information about them as possible. Although they might come from different industries and backgrounds, each of them brings a fantastic range of services to the table.

So, without further ado, here’s a closer look at our sponsors, who they are and what they do best.

Mortgage Broker Melbourne

Specialising in connecting first time home buyers, property investors, developers and home constructors with the right type of mortgage for their needs, Mortgage Broker Melbourne has been at the forefront of home loans for years. The agency is run by a friendly team and offers extensive interest rate comparison options, advanced loan negotiation features and much, much more.

Getting in touch with them is easy and the best way to do so is by visiting their website at https://www.mortgagebrokermelbourne.loan.

Alternatively, simply email info@mortgagebrokermelbourne.loan or call 1300 447 010.


If you’re looking for an exciting gift for a loved one, then Taste Buds may be one of the best places to start. Specialising in a range of chocolate bouquets, gift baskets and other captivating gift ideas – the company take care of your packaging and delivery while you sit back and wait for a phone call from your appreciative recipient. They’ve been offering their services for years and are one of our favourite sponsors.

To learn more about them and their stunning range of products, simply visit https://tastebuds.com.au today.

You can also email sales@tastebuds.com.au or call 1300 733 968.

Bliss Digital Media Agency

Is there anything quite as important as a website’s online visibility? As far as Bliss Media are concerned this is a top priority – and we couldn’t agree more! Not only are they quickly becoming recognised as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Sydney and Melbourne; they offer some of the most astounding results that we’ve ever had the good fortune of coming across.

You can reach out to them by visiting their website at Digitalagencymelbourne.org.

Print Locker

If you’re ever in need of high quality custom t shirt printing services, then look no further than Print Locker. Servicing the entirety of Melbourne (and the rest of Australia!) this agency has set the bar pretty high for printed apparel – and with options to customise shirts, hoodies, caps, tank tops and many more types of clothing in between; they are nothing short of internationally versatile.

To look at some of their designs, or to see just how easy it can be to add your own creation and have their team of experts take care of the affordable printing, visit http://www.printlocker.com.au.

To get in touch with one of their team directly call 03 9858 3292, or email hello@printlocker.com.au today.

We are always keen to add new sponsors to our list and that’s why we make it an option for businesses to partner with us. If you think that you’d make a good fit, if you’d like to enquire about this sponsor page, or for a general chat relating to how our businesses might be able to help one another – simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

Becoming one of our sponsors isn’t just about networking; we consider our partners part of our ever-growing community of online companies.